Playing at Online Casinos Tips on Minimizing Your Risk

Gaming online is not like the traditional form. The two may be similar when it comes to odds and how the games are played, but the difference in surroundings can make our behaviour change a great deal. When I first started gaming online I figured that the randomness was favoured to the house more than traditional casinos. I believed this because it seemed that I lost more online than I normally would.

I realized that I was placing more bets on weaker odd situations. The comfort of my own home was making me a looser player and the house edge was much greater than I would allow it to be in a live game. The chips didn’t seem like they were real money, and they would dwindle down fast. Remember to stick to the bets that give the house the lowest edge.

Good gaming, whether it’s online or not, consists of finding and betting on the best odds in the house. These odds are close, almost 50%, with the house usually having an edge of less than 2%. Not that it’s a big edge, but if you play against that edge long enough, you will eventually lose.

The amount of time is also important. Don’t play sessions longer than 3 or 4 hours and remember that you have a life other than gaming. Playing for 8 hours or more will only wear you down and your game will suffer. Know when enough is enough, and step away for awhile. The action will be there when you come back anyway.

The best tip I can give anyone about online gaming is that they should plan their spending well. If you plan how much you’re going to play with and stick to this decision, gaming will never be a problem for you. Staying in the game without getting busted is the goal, and hitting a big one someday is the reward for gaming smart and playing for a long time.

Once you find the time to learn where the best bets are in a casino, then you can start to plan out your budget and choose the best bets. After that there is the emotional side of gaming that tests all of us. Losing is big part of gaming, every professional suffers losses at some point or another. If you can put those three things together your chances of being a winning gamer will greatly improve.

Top 3 Lists Online Casino Games Lower House Edge

Playing an online game with the lower house edge is the major element that allows an online gambler to play for better profits from an online casino game. All online casino games have a built-in advantage that is in favor to the casino often referred to as the house.

Serious online casino players who aim to play a profitable gambling endeavor should learn to avoid playing online casino games with a house edge that is greater than 3%. One good strategy to enjoy better outcome from playing online casino games is to make a list of online casino games with a lower house edge.

Below are the top 3 online casino games with the least house advantage that can offer online casino players better odds of winning. Number one on the list is the online casino game of blackjack. The decision making an online player exercises when playing each hand highly affects the outcome of the game.

The decisions involved are basically simple that majority of blackjack players who understand the game mechanics and rules involved usually do it right. Making the most appropriate decisions when playing a hand in blackjack can actually bring down the casino house edge to less than 1%. Number two on the list is the game of online poker. Poker is also a game of skills and strategy that the decisions made for each hand play also significantly affect the outcome of a poker game.

Poker is a game revolving on mathematical odds and probabilities that typically will give a player better edge of forecasting the worse and the best possible game outcomes for playing a particular poker hand value. This gives online players the advantage of playing an online casino game where they can make a reliable calculation of poker odds to base their hand decisions from that can reduce the casino house edge to only 2%.

Third on the list is the game of roulette that allows players to exercise more flexible betting options that can result to a higher winning match of numbers. Online casino players can enjoy playing a casino game where they can bet by numbers from 1-37, by colors of red and black, by high or low numbers and odd or even numbers. These betting options provide players the higher odds of winning a payout thereby giving the online game of roulette a house edge between 1.35% and 2.7%

An additional benefit of playing roulette comes from drawing a zero which does not make its players a winner but allows them to retain half of their bets which relatively brings the casino house edge down to 1.35%. Playing these online casino games with the lowest house edge will give an online casino player a more favorable and profitable online casino gaming experience to enjoy.

Lists Games Offered Online Casinos Approved Gambling Commission

Majority of online casinos are under licensing procedures although it is not mandatory in the casino industry. The licensure of online casinos is more of a self regulatory procedure that casino operators undertake in improving their reputation and credibility to online gamblers.

The Gambling Commission is one of the most well known casino regulatory bodies that monitor an online casino establishment to ensure safe online gambling as well as to protect online casino players from sub standard online gambling services and unscrupulous casino operators.

The Gambling Commission obtains its statutory role by virtue of the Gambling Act of 2005 to monitor all their licensed casinos operating in both online and offline casino businesses and specify the types of casino games that they can offer among gamblers.

It is an inherent power of the Commission to implement rules on different casino games that will ensure equal chance of winning of all casino gamblers and to allow casino establishment earn reasonable profits from their casino games.

The License Conditions and Codes of Practice known as the LCCP contains the stated rules and codes that are applied to the non-remote casinos offering casino games that must be within the list of the approved online casino games by the Gambling Commission.

The Commission will also allow under certain conditions the trial casino games to be offered in online casinos with specified rules to be followed by the online casino offering the trial casino games. One of the list of online casino games that are under trial is the server based slot machine game where it is offered in some selected licensed online casinos to dry run the newest gaming software of online slot.

Among the numerous lists of approved casino games that can be offered by online casinos are the popular games of roulette, poker and its varieties, baccarat, blackjack, bingo, slot games, punto banco, dice and craps, big six or wheel of fortune and Keno.

As the online casinos continue to propose new lines of casino games to provide varieties and more choices to their online players, all proposed new casino games are subjected to the Gambling Commission’s approval.

Actual trial of the new lists of casino games proposed to be offered by online casinos must be reviewed and monitored by the Gambling Commission through actual trials in some selected online casino establishments.

Several procedures are undertaken prior to the approval of the new online casino games which are accurately and reliably tested by the Gambling Commission before it is finally included on the official lists of online casino games that are approved by the Gambling Commission.

Played Casino Slot Game Online

The game of online slot is on the top list of casino games that made the greatest impact online. If there is ever advancement on casino gaming technology, the slot machine is always the first casino game to show the greatest transformations.

Because of the modern slot machines coming in the online casino market, playing slots is becoming more costly owing to the more advanced betting and technical features of online slot machines. Many slot players desire to play more coins in an online slot machine because of the potential to win higher payout. But playing for the maximum coins in an online slot with 5 reels and 25 pay lines can cost a player a higher wager for a single spin.

In order to provide better betting options among online slot players, casinos have provided them the penny slot machine to play online. Being the lowest denomination slot machine to play, slot players will be able to stretch their bankroll to play for more spins than playing higher denomination slot machines.

The online penny slot machines were warmly welcomed by slot players online owing to the several benefits that they can obtain from playing on a lower denomination slot game. Slot players can enjoy more fun games of online slots with minimal risk on their bankroll. The online penny slot games are considered to be the next level of playing slots from playing fun money. For most newbie online slot players, playing the penny slot machines is an excellent initial step to take in order to build experience on how to play online slots.

Casino slot players can play for more number of pay lines with more number of coins with a penny bet thereby making the penny slot machine less costly among online slot players. But because casinos are in the venture of earning profits from their slot games, they are earning more revenues from a penny slot machine by adding more number of pay lines and increasing the number of reels that one can play for in an online penny slot game.

Even if the online slot player is spending pennies for betting on a penny slot machine, it still translates to real money thereby proper bankroll management is still the most prudent thing to observe when playing penny slot machine online. A penny is the lowest denomination in a currency and it makes the game of penny slot more appealing to gamblers hence making the game of penny slot the most played slot machine game in the list of casino online games.

List Casinos Top Profitable Online Games

For serious online casino players who are determined to maximize the profits that they can possibly earn by playing online casino games, playing from the list of the top online casino games below can bring them a more profitable online casino gambling endeavors:

1. Poker

Top on the list is the game of online poker where the player can significantly have a better winning odd when they know how to use mathematical odds and probabilities on their favor. Each poker player will be playing against each other in a battle of wits, skills and strategies. The one who plays poker more correctly with consistent poker strategy is sure to win the online game of poker and finding the weakest player to play against will give a good poker player opportunity to earn better profits.

2. Blackjack

Dethroned by poker as the most highly profitable online casino game owing to online casino’s counter measures against card counting that is mainly responsible why many gamblers are able to win from online blackjack. The most common counter measure methods employed by online casinos are the modern shuffling machine, auto pick devices and frequent card cutting method in between card dealings which make card counting virtually impossible thereby affecting the player’s ability to count card that can reduce the house edge in blackjack.

3. Video Poker

This game is straightforward that allows its players to make a profitable game from learning hand ranking and make decisions based on the knowledge of poker hand values to enjoy an advantage play against the video poker machine.

4. Roulette

This casino game of luck offers numerous betting options and several ways of winning hence it provides casino players more frequent smaller winnings for betting on its outside layout and infrequent bigger winnings for betting on the inside layout.

5. Baccarat

The unlimited maximum of table bet involved for playing baccarat brings this casino game on top 5 due to its capability to win a player a 6 figure jackpot when they play this game correctly with proper strategy such as sequencing and strategy on non-linear count.

6. Gaming Tournaments

Being a unique type of gambling activity, tournaments can give a casino player about 400%-500% returns for playing casino games they are very good at. The prize at stake is always higher with any online casino game tournament. Playing these lists of profitable games of online casinos provide gamblers the serious chance to earn better profits from their wagers as long as they know exactly how to extract the profitable benefits from playing this list of online casino games.

Famous Online Slot Game Advanced Game Features

The game of slot is one of the highest income generating games of casinos being a very easy game to play with basic simple game mechanics to follow. Playing slots has been a very captivating game among gamblers where the spinning reels of the slot machine can bring them to a trance of exciting moment.

A player just needs to insert coins into the slot machine and hit the spin button. That is all it takes to participate in the game of slot while the slot machine does all the spinning of the reels to stop at a random point that determines whether the player wins or loses.

But casinos are expanding the list of their online casino games and the slot game is the number one choice of casino games to offer online being a highly profitable casino game that attracts the most numbers of casino players.

Online slot becomes a highly popular casino game consisting of myriad of various themes that offer slot players game variance of slots. Casino’s online slots give their players the chance to play for more number of reels online. Online slot machines provide 5 to 7 reels in contrast to the classic slot machines played in land casinos consisting of only 3 reels.

The casino’s online slot games also give slot players the opportunity to play for more number of pay lines that can be as much as 25 pay lines or more. Online slots can further give slot players more betting options that allow players to bet more number of coins to play.

Online slot games can be played at varying denomination machines. This gives casino players more enjoyment with their slot gaming experience online because of the different choices on how they like to play the online slot machines.

Online casino players can indulge playing slot machines with its more advanced game features where the player can play as much coins as they like with numerous pay lines available to bet on. Online slots also have several symbols to play for which makes the game more fun and exciting.

The casino’s online slot’s pay table also provides online players more winning combinations that can win them more prizes in a single spin. It is the desire of casinos to provide interesting game of slots online and the pay out found in online slots is in the form of number of coins.

For instance, a player who wins 4,000 coins from a $0.25 online slot machine will actually win $1000 cash prize or winning the same number of coins in a $0.50 slot machine will win a player $2000.

With these advanced online slot features, casinos are winning more players to play their online slot game where their players are offered with more winning opportunities thus making the game of online slots on top on the winning lists of online casino games.

Convenient Casino Game Online Bingo

Many gamblers are playing the game of bingo because of the fun way to play it. It is known for its social factor and a good entertainment casino game for all ages. Casinos have seen the potential of their bingo game to be a phenomenal hit and it was then included as one on the list of casino games offered online.

Casino players are greatly pleased to find the opportunity to play online bingo on the Internet which allows online bingo players extend the socialization aspect of bingo beyond geographic boundaries.

Online casinos promote the social aspect of playing bingo by adding a special chat feature on their online bingo rooms with chat operators managing the on going bingo games in an online bingo room.

Not only does online bingo became a phenomenal hit among online gamblers owing to its social element but also because of the great convenience that online gamblers enjoy and highly appreciate.

The casino’s game of online bingo involves players playing a bingo card which is replaced by a virtual bingo card when playing online. Each winning number is called out by a virtual bingo caller and the online bingo players will mark or daub their bingo cards if it shows the bingo winning numbers based on the pre-determined patterns.

Playing online bingo is carried out with greater convenience due to the special auto daubing feature of virtual bingo cards. This means that the computer itself can play the bingo cards online for the player’s behalf.

This gives online bingo players the convenience of carrying out other tasks while the computer plays their card online. Online bingo players are no longer burdened to play many bingo cards online because the computer can play as many bingo cards as the player can afford.

Playing many bingo cards online will also enhance the online bingo player’s chances to win a bingo with extra prizes to be won while playing bingo online. Furthermore, online players can always find great prizes and bonuses provided by the online casinos to make their bingo gaming experience more profitable, convenient and fun.

Casinos also offer a healthier benefit when its players play online bingo. Just like in the traditional land bingo halls, online bingo players are also required to play with better concentration and attentiveness for each winning number called in order to mark their bingo cards upon inactivating the auto play feature of online bingo.

It gives an online player’s brain cells a healthy exercise which gives online bingo players health convenience as well. Playing online bingo also provides its players a convenient way of meeting new friends from different parts of the world without leaving home.

There are endless players out there that are clearing more than $2k in casino bonuses each and every month. To benefit from the casino bonuses, such as the one from Europa Casino just sign up an account at a new online casino.

Once you have played enough withdraw your deposit and bonus and move on to another online casino as soon as you have cleared the first deposit bonus. Keep doing this at all popular online casinos. You can get a special poker bonus too if you look for the right poker sites. Among these poker sites who offer a poker bonus you will find Full Tilt Poker.

Casinos Game Online Video Poker

Playing poker can give a gambler better edge of winning as the skills involved on playing poker will relatively increase the chance of the poker player to win while reducing the casino’s house advantage.

The downside of playing on a poker table that most poker newbie finds disturbing is the intimidating factor of facing a casino dealer and other poker players sitting on the poker table. In order to reduce such feeling of intimidation and to provide another variance of poker games, casinos are able to offer a video poker machine that allows poker players to play poker in solitary.

Video poker machines are offered in most land casino floors but it is also commonly played online. Online video poker machine ranks high among the list of online casino games commonly played by online gamblers.

Perhaps it is mainly due to the privacy it gives to poker players where the game of online video poker has no dealer and other poker players to play against. It is basically just the player versus the video poker machine.

Video poker machines further provide casino players a fast paced gaming activity that allows a casino player to play more number of hands that increases their chance to win more.

Moreover, video slot machine also bridges the gap between casino table games and slot machines. But a very contrasting feature of a video poker from the video slot machine is the element of skills involved when playing video poker.

Many online players like to play video poker because they have better chance of winning a profitable game by playing with a correct poker strategy. The better odds of winning in a video poker game depend on the hand decision that each online casino player makes that is vital to get a favorable outcome from the poker hands they play online.

Online casinos provide better opportunity to online gamblers to take advantage of the online resources provided for casino players to learn a good poker strategy in order to maximize the benefits of playing against an online casino game with a lower house edge.

Video poker machines have become a prevalent personality in the virtual world of gambling because of the many poker players who desire to play poker more privately without the prying eyes of other poker players.

Each poker hand combination will get a corresponding payout that is determined based on the regular poker hand ranking. The online video slot machines have its own pay table that gives a payout rate for each hand rank.

But beyond the consultation of the video poker pay table, one must always coherently understand the mathematical probabilities involved when playing each hand on a video poker machine in order to extract the best benefits of making a wise hand decision when playing an online casino game of video poker.