Lists Games Offered Online Casinos Approved Gambling Commission

Majority of online casinos are under licensing procedures although it is not mandatory in the casino industry. The licensure of online casinos is more of a self regulatory procedure that casino operators undertake in improving their reputation and credibility to online gamblers.

The Gambling Commission is one of the most well known casino regulatory bodies that monitor an online casino establishment to ensure safe online gambling as well as to protect online casino players from sub standard online gambling services and unscrupulous casino operators.

The Gambling Commission obtains its statutory role by virtue of the Gambling Act of 2005 to monitor all their licensed casinos operating in both online and offline casino businesses and specify the types of casino games that they can offer among gamblers.

It is an inherent power of the Commission to implement rules on different casino games that will ensure equal chance of winning of all casino gamblers and to allow casino establishment earn reasonable profits from their casino games.

The License Conditions and Codes of Practice known as the LCCP contains the stated rules and codes that are applied to the non-remote casinos offering casino games that must be within the list of the approved online casino games by the Gambling Commission.

The Commission will also allow under certain conditions the trial casino games to be offered in online casinos with specified rules to be followed by the online casino offering the trial casino games. One of the list of online casino games that are under trial is the server based slot machine game where it is offered in some selected licensed online casinos to dry run the newest gaming software of online slot.

Among the numerous lists of approved casino games that can be offered by online casinos are the popular games of roulette, poker and its varieties, baccarat, blackjack, bingo, slot games, punto banco, dice and craps, big six or wheel of fortune and Keno.

As the online casinos continue to propose new lines of casino games to provide varieties and more choices to their online players, all proposed new casino games are subjected to the Gambling Commission’s approval.

Actual trial of the new lists of casino games proposed to be offered by online casinos must be reviewed and monitored by the Gambling Commission through actual trials in some selected online casino establishments.

Several procedures are undertaken prior to the approval of the new online casino games which are accurately and reliably tested by the Gambling Commission before it is finally included on the official lists of online casino games that are approved by the Gambling Commission.

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