Top 3 Lists Online Casino Games Lower House Edge

Playing an online game with the lower house edge is the major element that allows an online gambler to play for better profits from an online casino game. All online casino games have a built-in advantage that is in favor to the casino often referred to as the house.

Serious online casino players who aim to play a profitable gambling endeavor should learn to avoid playing online casino games with a house edge that is greater than 3%. One good strategy to enjoy better outcome from playing online casino games is to make a list of online casino games with a lower house edge.

Below are the top 3 online casino games with the least house advantage that can offer online casino players better odds of winning. Number one on the list is the online casino game of blackjack. The decision making an online player exercises when playing each hand highly affects the outcome of the game.

The decisions involved are basically simple that majority of blackjack players who understand the game mechanics and rules involved usually do it right. Making the most appropriate decisions when playing a hand in blackjack can actually bring down the casino house edge to less than 1%. Number two on the list is the game of online poker. Poker is also a game of skills and strategy that the decisions made for each hand play also significantly affect the outcome of a poker game.

Poker is a game revolving on mathematical odds and probabilities that typically will give a player better edge of forecasting the worse and the best possible game outcomes for playing a particular poker hand value. This gives online players the advantage of playing an online casino game where they can make a reliable calculation of poker odds to base their hand decisions from that can reduce the casino house edge to only 2%.

Third on the list is the game of roulette that allows players to exercise more flexible betting options that can result to a higher winning match of numbers. Online casino players can enjoy playing a casino game where they can bet by numbers from 1-37, by colors of red and black, by high or low numbers and odd or even numbers. These betting options provide players the higher odds of winning a payout thereby giving the online game of roulette a house edge between 1.35% and 2.7%

An additional benefit of playing roulette comes from drawing a zero which does not make its players a winner but allows them to retain half of their bets which relatively brings the casino house edge down to 1.35%. Playing these online casino games with the lowest house edge will give an online casino player a more favorable and profitable online casino gaming experience to enjoy.

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